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Cover Story YOLO YODO
By Shweta Thakur Nanda
India's Generation YOLO is effecting change in multiple sectors. Their 'You Only Live Once' philosophy is being reflected in food, fashion, travel and lifestyle
New perspectives: Komal Gandhi, who runs an outdoor training company in Mumbai, says people want uncommon experiences. Seen here at the Mt Everest base camp.
Present is a gift
Today is precious; treasure it, make it count, say fans of the You Only Die Once philosophy. And, when you go, go with a bang!
Mom kidnapped me from school
My mother, model Protima Bedi, lived by YOLO. So, from a very young age I learnt how to value life, follow my heart and live life to the fullest, rather than just exist. As a child, I never had a mundane day and never settled for mundane jobs when I grew up.For instance, every now and then, mom used to kidnap me from school and take me camping or swimming in the ocean. And, at times, when she saw...
Highs & lows
Dehradun-based Love Raj Singh Dharamshaktu goes climbing twice a year and has been part of 33 successful expeditions, including one to Mount Everest. “It is thrilling to conquer mountain peaks,” says the assistant commandant of the Border Security Force. “After every successful expedition you return with a sense of achievement and new-found confidence that nothing is...
Xtreme birthday
People usually celebrate birthdays by cutting a cake, throwing a party or dining out? TV actor Rannvijay Singh turned 30 this year, and he celebrated it the YOLO way. “Going on an extreme sports tour was something I always wanted to do but never imagined I could,” he says.Singh flew to Dubai for motocross racing, followed by a trip to England for kiteboarding and parkour, a city sport...
Wedding rap
Rick kick
Seize the moment
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