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Year of the Lotus
By Vijaya Pushkarna
Taking stock of the Narendra Modi's first year in office: Has India's most visible prime minister become a victim of his own propaganda machine?
Narendra Modi. AFP Photo
At home abroad
A year ago, when Narendra Modi began his tenure as prime minister, his problem was exactly the opposite of the one that Manmohan Singh had to deal with a decade earlier. In 2004, Singh assumed charge with few expecting him to work wonders. Expectations were low.In 2014, Modi became prime minister with the country and the world hoping he would be the miracle man who would pull India out of a...
Iron man, showman
A phone call from Prime Minister Vajpayee in September 2001 was a turning point in Narendra Modi’s political career. Get ready to succeed Keshubhai Patel as chief minister of Gujarat, Modi was told.After occupying the chief minister's chair, the doughty pracharak-turned-politician kept it for 13 years till he became prime minister. Even as the blot of the 2002 Gujarat riots haunted him,...
Secure borders; insecure inside
Internal security has to have the highest priority of any government in any country. In India's case it is even more so, as we are beset with all three types of terrorism¯ethnic, religious and ideological. This is in addition to the social, agrarian and communal unrest. With regard to handling internal security, the Modi government's first year has been good by any yardstick.Except...
Walking the talk
On a sweltering day in April, officers from economy ministries and chief secretaries from various states huddled together in Delhi for a video conference organised by the prime minister’s office. Prime Minister Narendra Modi turned up the heat further, asking for an update on the Gevra coal mine project in Chhattisgarh. He was told that environment clearance had been given to the project...
Compete and cooperate
Hot air therapy
His masterful voice
Feeding on hate
Prime diplomat
External drive
Soft and smart
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