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Bend easy
By Dr S.N. Omkar
Back bends provide a good stretch for the organs and muscles in the pelvis, the abdomen and the chest. However, bending backward in conventional postures may be difficult for many. Here is a simple technique with the spine supported on a stability ball. In this, the para spinal muscles feel the contact of the ball through their length.METHOD* On a mat, place two bolster pillows about 10-12...
Flex for stronger knees   10 March, 2015
The knee joint is a complex structure of bone, cartilage, ligaments and tendons connecting to the muscles. Knee flexion uses several muscles on the back of the thigh, as well as some supporting muscles on the inner front thighs. Flexion involves bending the knee so that the angle between the lower leg and upper leg decreases. The set of movements described here, using the stability ball, helps...
A different ball game   21 February, 2015
Back bends provide a good stretch for the pelvis, abdomen and chest. Here is a technique that uses a stability ball to make back bends smooth and soothing. The air-filled ball provides a soft support for the spinal column.Method:* Keep a stability ball between two bolster pillows.* Sit upright on the pillow (this height can be suitably adjusted depending on the size of the ball and your...
Two to tango   03 February, 2015
The duo of lower back and legs are placed close and participate in many actions in synchronicity. A similar duo is upper back and arms. Here is a posture that mobilises these duos.Method:* Keep a chair inverted, and place a blanket on the top rib of the chair.* Sit upright on the blanket with legs folded back.* Kneel with knees slightly ahead of the top rib.* Raise right leg with knee bent at 90...
Ageing gracefully   06 January, 2015
Gravity is an enemy of graceful ageing. Simple and common activities like sitting and standing may become difficult if the anti-gravity muscles like the quadriceps (front of the thigh) and glutes (hip) become ineffective. If these muscles become weak, they can also lead to or complicate problems of the knees. Here is a simple technique to safely strengthen the anti-gravity muscles.Method:* Keep...
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Back and forth   29 September, 2014
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Stretch for flexibility   18 August, 2014
Trunk call   04 August, 2014
Twist & turn   21 July, 2014
Three-in-one   08 July, 2014
Bend it right   16 June, 2014
Revive the insides   20 May, 2014
Back in shape   05 May, 2014
Back it UP   14 April, 2014
Turn toxins out   25 March, 2014
A step forward   03 March, 2014
Stand for stability   01 February, 2014
Active form   04 January, 2014
A HEALTHY TWIST   16 December, 2013
Calf care   04 November, 2013
Brace up   23 October, 2013
Put your back into...   08 October, 2013
Tone your neck   23 September, 2013
Strike a balance.   10 September, 2013
Strong and relaxed   26 August, 2013
Hip stretch   06 August, 2013
Back it up.   23 July, 2013
Gaining in circles   10 July, 2013
Help your shoulder   12 June, 2013
Help your Shoulder   29 May, 2013
For all seasons   09 May, 2013
Twist, stretch, tone   23 April, 2013
Hip, hip, hurray!   13 March, 2013
Tone to protect   12 February, 2013
For a firm handshake   24 January, 2013
Strike a balance   09 January, 2013
Chest bend   12 December, 2012
Bend for strength   21 November, 2012
Lift the siege   30 October, 2012
Whole body stretch   10 October, 2012
Turn intense   22 August, 2012
Pull, stretch, tone   13 August, 2012
Stretch and twist   27 July, 2012
For a healthy shoulder 
   02 July, 2012
Bend over forward
   02 June, 2012
Tailbone teasers   24 May, 2012
Stretch for strength   04 May, 2012
Spine stretch   25 April, 2012
Easy on the nerves   27 March, 2012
Life and limb   10 December, 2011
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