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Yoga Made Easy
Twist & turn
By Dr S.N. Omkar
Twisting postures benefit the hip and trunk. Here is a posture that activates and soothes abdominal organs as well as those in the trunk like the heart, lungs, liver, spleen, stomach and the intestines.Method:* Sit to the right side on a chair.* Keep the trunk upright and rest the foot on the floor.* Fold the left leg; rest the left foot and thigh on the seat.* Cross the right leg over the left...
Three-in-one   08 July, 2014
Hip, pelvis and lower back are intrinsically connected. Yoga offers many postures that would simultaneously activate these areas. Here is one such posture with lumbar, hip and knee in extension. It helps the base of the spine as well as the lower back. Method:* Stack three pillows (round and cotton-studded) *  Sit upright on your heels behind the pillows*  Lie down with your...
Bend it right   16 June, 2014
Sideward bending is an important movement that is beneficial to the spine. Here is a simple and safe technique that also helps the abdominal organs.Method:* Sit upright cross-legged with three stacked-up round pillows parallel to your right.* Lie on the pillows sideways.* Stretch the right hand with palm touching the floor, flex the knees and let the abdomen rest on the pillows.* Gently,...
Revive the insides   20 May, 2014
Organs in the abdomen have an important bearing on our overall health. Here is a simple posture to rejuvenate these organs. The posture helps the abdominal muscles and the lower back. Persons with any sort of ulcers in the abdominal region should not do the posture.Method:* Place two round pillows, one on the other.* Sit upright, cross-legged.* Lay on the pillows with abdomen resting on them.*...
Back in shape   05 May, 2014
Strength and stability of the lower back is very important. Here is a simple technique to accomplish this. The posture helps rejuvenate the abdominal organs, too.Method:* Keep two round pillows; one on top of the other. The top pillow should extend out 6 inches.  *  Sit straight, cross-legged.* Lie prone on the pillow.* Ensure that the upper part of the abdominal...
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