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Back it UP
By Dr S.N. Omkar
One of the most stressed regions of the body, the back needs good flexibility and strength. Here is a simple posture that helps invigorate not just the back but also the liver, spleen, pancreas and other organs in the upper abdomen.Method:* Sit upright and cross-legged.* Stack up two bolster pillows, the top one jutting out about 6 inches.* Lie on your chest, face down, with upper abdomen...
Turn toxins out   25 March, 2014
The twisting posture helps in eliminating toxins from the body. A good grip for the arms and a firm support for the hips makes twisting the trunk easy and effective. Here is one such posture done with the help of a chair.Method:* Keep the chair inverted.* Keep a folded blanket on the inverted backrest of the chair.* Sit upright—cross legged—on the blanket.* Fold legs towards your...
A step forward   03 March, 2014
Bending forward is perhaps a more common movement than backward bending. However, the chances of injury are more if forward bending is not done properly. This simple technique helps in bending forward from the hip while maintaining the integrity of the spinal column.Method1 Keep chair in an inverted position.2 Stand upright about two feet away from the chair.3 Hold the top of the chair and keep...
Stand for stability   01 February, 2014
Standing postures promote the health of the legs, hips and trunk and rejuvenate the abdominal organs. However, these exercises demand good balance and stability. Here is a technique to make such postures easy and effective.Method:1. Keep a chair inverted.2. Stand upright, about two feet from the chair.3. Hold the top of the chair and keep the right foot on the inclined seat of the chair.4. Move...
Active form   04 January, 2014
Hamstring muscles (back of the thigh) bridge the spine and the lower legs. Proper toning of these muscles is crucial to maintaining an active lifestyle. This group of muscles is in a kinetic chain with the muscles of the lower legs and back. Here is a stretch that uses this connection to stretch the hamstrings effectively.Method:1. Keep a chair inverted.2. Stand upright about two feet away from...
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