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The 'man' who gave birth to twins
By Gunjan Sharma
Maya is tall, fair and has beautiful eyes. She ties her tresses as she approaches her newborn twins—a boy and a girl—to breastfeed them. Nothing seems unusual about the picture. But Maya, it turns out, is a man. At least in medical terms.Two years ago, Maya (name changed) and her husband approached Dr Sunil Jindal and Dr Anshu Jindal at the Jindal Hospital in Meerut as she could not...
Sacred healing drink can treat depression   08 April, 2015
This may be the first time you're hearing of ayahuasca but the psychedelic drink -- a South American plant-based brew used for centuries in healing ceremonies -- can treat depression within hours of ingesting.Brazilian researchers have published results from the first clinical test of a potential therapeutic benefit for ayahuasca.Although the study included just six volunteers and no placebo...
Telling gestures   23 March, 2015
There are more than 18 million hearing-challenged persons in India. This would imply that millions of Indians would be interfacing with them, every single day. So obviously, besides deaf persons and their care givers, many of us, if not all of us, need to know the rudiments of sign language.So far, there hasn’t been a single mainstream book that presents the basics of Indian sign language....
You will pay for this!   23 March, 2015
Seated in an inclined position on a restaurant couch, George Costanza is visibly uncomfortable. “My back's killing me,” he says and pulls out his wallet from his back pocket. The wallet, which his friend Jerry Seinfeld refers to as a 'filing cabinet', is bursting at the seams with a load of business cards, receipts, cash, candy and a lot more that Costanza holds dear....
Yes, you can!   23 March, 2015
The next time someone at work tells you “the only person holding you back is yourself”, resist the urge to throttle them in the emergency stairwell or waterboard them behind the water cooler. Instead, ask yourself if they are right. There is a good chance they are—and, besides, the reason this workplace cliché has become a cliché is because it is so broadly...
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Building a bond   07 July, 2014
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Twists & turns... and triumph   25 March, 2014
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