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Wholesome bite
By Peta Bee
It used to take a packet of cheesy Wotsits or a nuclear blue Slush Puppie for nutritional panic to strike in parents. But, as sugar has become more of a dietary pariah than fat or artificial additives, markers of what’s healthy have shifted towards the ridiculous.Concerns about widening waistlines mean that, whatever form it comes in, sugar must go. And in the rush to avoid the sweet stuff,...
Scarring the caring   
I was visiting a hospital in Hyderabad for a seminar. One of the senior administrators was taking me around the hospital. India was shining, or so the slogan went. The waiting rooms were packed, and the business of caring seemed to be booming. “What is the malpractice situation like?” I asked. “Oh, that!” he replied, “It is street justice. They will assault the...
Droid healer   
Mathew Daniel's life took a turn for the worse last year when a severe pain in his abdomen was diagnosed as pancreatic cancer. Doctors told him that the cancer had already reached an advanced stage. A surgical removal of the tumour could give him some relief, but the unrelenting abdominal pain stopped doctors from doing the surgery. “All I needed was something to stop that unbearable...
What's on her mind?   
Cooking, cleaning, in-laws, children’s homework, an absent maid—just a few of the many thoughts that clog a working woman's mind. She straddles home and work and keeps everyone happy, often at the expense of her own health. A recent survey called ForEve, conducted among 200 women executives by Dr L.H. Hiranandani Hospital, Mumbai, revealed that hormonal issues (22 per cent),...
Stay in shape   
When we talk of arthritis, we usually associate it with the image of an elderly, short-statured, fat woman in her 50s or 60s with painful, swollen and deformed knee joints with multiple medical problems like diabetes, thyroid problem, high uric acid or cholesterol. However, age-related degenerative osteoarthritis and other forms of arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis,...
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