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Let out a burpee
By Krishna Raj
Though traditional weight training and gym environment rule the roost, many in India are looking for timesaving fitness methods that can be tweaked into their busy schedules. The fitness conscious are now customising their exercise regimen based on time and space available. Take, for instance, Vishesh Talreja, 23, whose plan B while away from the gym is callisthenics. “It is several sets of...
Trick & treat   15 December, 2014
The funny thing about eating healthily is that it has never really been that hard. We have become so obsessed with counting calories over recent years that we have lost sight of the basic tenets of healthy eating: consume a good spread, and try to steer clear of the super-processed stuff. It really doesn't take marine-like discipline and an endless supply of so-called superfoods to supply...
Key to recovery   15 December, 2014
The word cancer is enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine. Not one of us has gone through life without losing some known person to this dreaded disease. The silver lining is that newer modalities of treatment and cutting-edge technology are doing more to not only cure patients but also alleviate the suffering in those palliated for the rest of their lives.Minimal access surgery or...
Meouch!   15 December, 2014
Cats suffer from stress because owners expect them to behave like dogs, according to a leading animal behaviourist.People expect cats to be thoroughly domesticated, to enjoy being petted and to be relaxed about sharing their living space, says Dr John Bradshaw, director of the Anthrozoology Institute at Bristol University in the UK. They fail to understand that lavishing a cat with affection will...
At home@work   13 November, 2014
Office, what with its warmth and camaraderie, is an escape from the unending challenges of domesticity for an increasing number of people
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