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Unfeeling swine
By Mini P. Thomas
When Jenishiya Kunave B.T., 4, developed fever and cough, her parents took her to a local clinic in Tamil Nadu. The doctor prescribed medicines for fever. When her condition didn't improve, her father, Thalapathy Venkateshan, took her to the clinic again. “The doctor ran some blood tests, but the reports were normal. He said it was viral fever,’’ says Venkateshan, a software...
India's new fab five   16 February, 2015
The question was searching. “Imagine you are locked in a dark room with no light. You have to find the door and get out. Would you be able to do that without crashing into the walls?” the master of ceremonies at a corporate event in Mumbai asked his audience. Then, curtains opened and five men stood on the stage in bharatnatyam costumes. What followed was an excellent performance with...
I am a Neanderthal!   16 February, 2015
About 50,000 years ago one of my ancestors was waking up in a cave somewhere in the icy primordial wilderness. Hungry and cold, they surveyed the skyline for animals to hunt for their hungry family.But instead of a woolly Mammoth appearing over yonder hill, they saw a line of strange-looking two-legged creatures, with painted faces and spears, approaching.As this hunting party came closer, it was...
The incredible idiots   16 February, 2015
Have you heard the news? Men are idiots.According to a 20-year study of the Darwin Awards—a tongue-in-cheek commemoration of the most foolhardy ways people have met their deaths—males account for around 90 per cent of entries, which means we are now scientifically more stupid than the opposite sex.Among this year’s gongs alone were two men trampled to death while attempting a...
Take it easy   16 February, 2015
Chilli raises testosterone levels. Those who find it too hot can, instead, just chill out with football and red wine
Pose for thought   09 February, 2015
Look; learn; see   29 October, 2011
Reduce the use of antibiotics   02 February, 2015
Now more tears   02 February, 2015
Present tense   02 February, 2015
Dignity on a platter   02 February, 2015
Eat, love, trust   02 February, 2015
Let out a burpee   05 January, 2015
Trick & treat   15 December, 2014
Key to recovery   15 December, 2014
Meouch!   15 December, 2014
At home@work   13 November, 2014
Minimum hassles   13 November, 2014
Face value   13 November, 2014
Work out like a woman   13 November, 2014
Keep the drum beating   01 November, 2014
Liv‘err’ lifestyle   01 November, 2014
Breaking noose   01 November, 2014
10,000 steps a day   01 November, 2014
Rice buffet   04 October, 2014
Forget me not   29 September, 2014
No liquor for liver   29 September, 2014
Mission NTDs   29 September, 2014
Dark temptation   29 September, 2014
A new look at our abilities   29 September, 2014
The art of saving lives   06 September, 2014
Take a break; fast   06 September, 2014
Food for tot   16 August, 2014
Austerity in yoga   16 August, 2014
Silent threat   04 August, 2014
A spot of bother   04 August, 2014
More in less   04 August, 2014
All's not well   26 July, 2014
Life vs FOMO   21 July, 2014
Man with a mission   07 July, 2014
Herbs curb   07 July, 2014
Building a bond   07 July, 2014
Fringe focus   07 July, 2014
Knot ready? We are!   16 June, 2014
Dishing out love   16 June, 2014
WEDded to the earth   16 June, 2014
C the change   20 May, 2014
Happy feat   20 May, 2014
Back to life   20 May, 2014
Within limits   05 May, 2014
Alternate route   14 April, 2014
Smart sole   14 April, 2014
Excess baggage   14 April, 2014
The morning after   14 April, 2014
BxOne of a kind   14 April, 2014
Back to Basics   25 March, 2014
Joy of giving   25 March, 2014
Hook worms   25 March, 2014
Steady state   25 March, 2014
Twists & turns... and triumph   25 March, 2014
Bumpy road to recovery   03 March, 2014
Diet of colours   03 March, 2014
Living in fear   03 March, 2014
Caught in the web   01 February, 2014
Back to basics.   01 February, 2014
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