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Food for tot
By Suhasini Viswanathan
As the middle childhood stage begins, children grow steadily and their physical competence continues to increase. Eating healthy food promotes your child’s healthy development—physical, mental, emotional and social. Planning your child’s meals in advance is a great way to ensure you are supporting his growth and development while avoiding demands and cravings for unhealthy and...
Austerity in yoga   
We live in an age of consumption. Our economic structures compel us to consume, often needlessly. Where there isn’t desire, it is created, so that we aspire to buy, and so that companies can survive and meet their profit projections. It’s a wheel that is difficult to break.In this scenario, ‘austerity’ is a quaint and forgotten word. It is also a foreboding word, since it...
Silent threat   04 August, 2014
India has been hit by several deadly diseases—from smallpox, plague and cholera, to dengue, malaria and chikungunya. But looking at the damage viral hepatitis is causing, we can easily term it the biggest epidemic of our age.It was in 1974 that India came under the threat of the smallpox epidemic, which is considered to be one of the worst epidemics of the 20th century. The outbreak claimed...
A spot of bother   04 August, 2014
Ever noticed black spots or discolouration below the knees? Is your ankle or leg darker than the rest of your body? Do you develop swelling in the leg after walking? Or do your legs feel stretched out or fatigued after a short walk? Do not mistake it for a skin disease. It could be a disease of the veins—chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) in medical terms.CVI is common in women above 30...
More in less   04 August, 2014
Paucity of time is the most common excuse people give for skipping exercise. Fitness experts are designing shorter workouts for such people. The latest among these is Tabata's four-minute workout. Designed by Japanese scientist Professor Izumi Tabata, this workout requires you to do eight repetitions of 20 seconds of workout with 10 minutes of pause in between. If we replace an hour-long...
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