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All's not well
By Gunjan Sharma
At 10am, the waiting area of the outpatient department at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Raipur, is bustling with patients and their relatives. In the yet to be completed hospital and medical college, doctors are busy seeing patients in a large hall. The hall, meant to serve as a trauma care ward, currently houses several departments: paediatrics, psychiatry, ophthalmology,...
Life vs FOMO   21 July, 2014
What is this FOMO everyone keeps talking about? Does everyone have it? I must have it, too!”If this is how you process new information, congratulations, you have FOMO or Fear of Missing Out. FOMO is not new, though. It has been a part of human experience ever since we started living in groups. It is the result of our tendency to look at what others are doing, comparing our experience with...
Man with a mission   07 July, 2014
The lobby of HealthCare Global hospital, an exclusive corporate oncology hospital in Bengaluru, exudes colour, thanks to the paintings exhibited by Swasti Foundation. The foundation is run by Bhagya Ajaikumar, wife of Dr B.S. Ajaikumar, the chairman and managing director of the HCG group. “Patients and their relatives can visit the art gallery, and if anybody buys a painting, then that...
Herbs curb   07 July, 2014
Hidden behind the old, unkempt building of Mumbai Marathi Granthasanghralaya in Naigaon area is the modest clinic of Dr Sadanand Sardeshmukh, running for almost four decades. It is hard to find the clinic since there are no signs, except a small board bearing his name. But most patients need no signboards because it is the common tales of woes and the subsequent relief that bring them here. Since...
Building a bond   07 July, 2014
You are not like Cinderella's stepmother', my stepdaughter Megha, now 9, said during my initial meetings with her. And I told her that I am her godmother, not their stepmother,” says Pony Verma, a noted choreographer who married actor-director Prakash Raj. She married Raj after he divorced his first wife, with whom he has two daughters. Pony says they are a happy family now. To have...
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New light   23 July, 2013
Destiny's child   23 July, 2013
Victory dance   23 July, 2013
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Bugging concern   10 July, 2013
Bone of contention   10 July, 2013
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To be reborn...   29 May, 2013
Joint venture   08 May, 2013
Anyone can be a winner   08 May, 2013
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