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Viagra may protect your heart
An ingredient in Viagra not only can enhance the pleasure between the sheets but can also protect your heart, a study has found.A long-term daily treatment with Viagra can provide protection for the heart at different stages of heart disease with few side effects, the researchers reported."We found that this main ingredient in Viagra can be used as an effective, safe treatment for several...
Smoking during pregnancy alters newborn's DNA   18 October, 2014
Babies born to mothers who smoke during pregnancy may find it difficult to cope with stressors of daily life later due to an alteration in DNA of a gene that regulates passage of stress hormones from mother to foetus, a study says.Newborns of such mothers show lower levels of stress hormones and lowered stress response, the findings showed."Our results suggest that these newborns may not be...
Mental compass relies on geometric relationship   17 October, 2014
Do you know why you never miss the road that leads to your girlfriend's house? Give credit to your brain's mental compass.The brain has a complex system for keeping track of which direction you are facing as you move about, say researchers, adding that people use geometrical relationships to orient themselves.To test how the brain makes these inferences, the researchers designed an...
Must-haves for a good night's sleep   15 October, 2014
Take a quick bath or use ear plugs to get sound sleep at night.Here are a few things you can do to have a comfortable time sleeping, reports* A bath: Body temperature naturally dips about two hours before bedtime. A soak in the tub temporarily lifts your temperature resulting in a quick cooldown after you hop out of it - can be relaxing.* Ear plugs: These are a simple and...
Ebola threat unprecedented: UN   11 October, 2014
The Ebola crisis was an "unprecedented" challenge since the virus is "far ahead" of the global response, UN officials briefed on disease said here."The world has never seen anything like it. Time is our enemy. The virus is far ahead of us," said Anthony Banbury, head of the UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER), via video link from the operation's...
Eat wild tomatoes for better health   10 October, 2014
Ebola fears spread as Spanish nurse worsens   10 October, 2014
How binge drinking harms the liver   09 October, 2014
Cigarette packets to devote 85 percent space to warnings   15 October, 2014
US health worker tests positive for Ebola   13 October, 2014
Ebola cases could reach 10,000 per week: WHO   15 October, 2014
Govt to 'liberalise' criteria for approving medical colleges   15 October, 2014
Health insurance reduces mortality among poor   09 October, 2014
Ebola burial teams go on strike   09 October, 2014
New device can control heart failure   07 October, 2014
Dengue cases may be 300 times higher than reported   08 October, 2014
India has 6 mn unreported dengue cases: study   08 October, 2014
Eating poultry, fish may lower liver cancer risk   07 October, 2014
Moderate alcohol intake affects sperm quality: Study   07 October, 2014
Spanish nurse tests positive for Ebola   07 October, 2014
Three share Nobel prize for medicine   06 October, 2014
New drug may cure diabetes at source   06 October, 2014
Avoid air pollution to manage asthma   01 October, 2014
US govt confirms first case of Ebola   01 October, 2014
Nobel discovery opens window onto Alzheimer's   07 October, 2014
Over-weight? Blame it on gut bacteria   30 September, 2014
Scorpion venom to fight brain cancer   29 September, 2014
Ebola cases top 7,000 in West Africa: UN   03 October, 2014
How the brain reacts to faces   27 September, 2014
India set to run out of critical drug for HIV/AIDS project   01 October, 2014
How exercise keeps depression at bay   26 September, 2014
India's healthcare in dismal condition: Report   25 September, 2014
Stressed? Walk outdoor to boost spirit   24 September, 2014
A blood test to detect psychosis   23 September, 2014
Variation in heartbeats good for human health   23 September, 2014
Exercise may keep brain sharp in old age   22 September, 2014
Dengue cases in Delhi, NCR rise to 55   19 September, 2014
Insulin pumps capable of saving lives   18 September, 2014
Smoking linked with schizophrenia   17 September, 2014
Ebola could infect more than a million, US warns   24 September, 2014
India still leads in deaths among children below 5   16 September, 2014
A glass of milk daily good for your heart   16 September, 2014
UNSC to hold emergency meeting on Ebola   16 September, 2014
Toll hits 2,630; UN to deploy international mission   19 September, 2014
Tweaking brain circuits may cure autism   15 September, 2014
Heart drug could cure Ebola: British experts   14 September, 2014
New app designed to overcome jet lag   14 April, 2014
Vitamin B1 deficiency can damage brain   12 September, 2014
Brain map shows how people take aim   11 September, 2014
Lower testosterone good for relationships   12 April, 2014
Coconut dust used for germinating stronger seeds   12 April, 2014
Delhi HC orders segregation of healthy, junk items   23 April, 2014
How brain pays attention decoded   12 April, 2014
Movies put viewers' brains on same wavelength   11 April, 2014
Drinking milk may prevent arthritis in women   11 April, 2014
Apple iWatch to sport UV light sensor   09 April, 2014
Could mobile phones cause impotence?   08 April, 2014
Tobacco plant kills cancer cells?   07 April, 2014
Soon, blood test to identify the type of cancer   07 April, 2014
Small steps against vector-borne diseases   05 April, 2014
Vaccination alters your body odour   03 April, 2014
Drinking coffee cuts mortality risk from liver cirrhosis   03 April, 2014
Marriage is healthy for the heart: Study   29 March, 2014
Exercise prevents heart diseases: Study   29 March, 2014
New online tool calculates heart's age   27 March, 2014
Do intelligent people trust others more?   21 March, 2014
WHO to certify SE Asia as polio free   22 March, 2014
Dark chocolate's healthy effects from gut bacteria   21 March, 2014
Sleep loss means loss of brain cells   19 March, 2014
Build muscles for a long, healthy life   18 March, 2014
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