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Anti-fungal drug may treat cancer too
New York: A drug commonly used to treat a broad range of fungal infections, including skin and nail infections, has a lot of potential as a new cancer treatment, research has found.Itraconazole, a generic anti-fungal agent that costs relatively less, shows some evidence of efficacy in metastatic prostate cancer -- which would make it an attractive proposition given the high costs associated with...
Smartphone device can spot cancer faster   14 April, 2015
Washington: A smartphone-based device developed by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) can help doctors perform rapid and accurate molecular diagnosis of cancerous or non-cancerous tumours.The device, called the D3 (digital diffraction diagnosis) system, features an imaging module with a battery-powered LED light clipped onto a standard smartphone that records high-resolution...
Vit E deficiency can damage brain   14 April, 2015
New York: Eating diets rich in vitamin E can help you stay sharp as researchers have found that deficiency of this vitamin may cause damage to brain cells.Vitamin E deficiency may interrupt a supply line of specific nutrients and rob the brain of the "building blocks" it needs to maintain neuronal health, the findings showed."This research showed that vitamin E is needed to prevent...
Pluck 200 hair to grow 1,200 new ones!   11 April, 2015
New York: In a good news for men facing incessant hair loss, researchers have discovered that by plucking 200 hair strands in a specific pattern and density, they can induce up to 1,200 replacement hairs to grow!Scientists at the University of Southern California (USC) have demonstrated this on a mouse. "It is a good example of how basic research can lead to a work with potential...
Being grateful can keep heart healthy   10 April, 2015
Washington: Being grateful is associated with better mood, higher quality sleep and less inflammation in patients with asymptomatic heart failure, according to a new research. Recognising and giving thanks for the positive aspects of life can result in improved mental, and ultimately physical, health in patients with asymptomatic heart failure, researchers said. "We found that more gratitude...
New study points to potential Ebola drug target   11 April, 2015
Exercise benefits male offspring more   09 April, 2015
Daily exercise can fix fatty liver disease   08 April, 2015
Why some women can't say no to junk food   06 April, 2015
High-fat milk products reduce diabetes risk   05 April, 2015
Enhance fitness levels with spouse   09 April, 2015
App that brings fertility clinic inside your home   06 April, 2015
Discarded drug can better fight cancer   03 April, 2015
Breastfeeding may not prevent child obesity   08 April, 2015
Nirodh condoms to get visual facelift   02 April, 2015
Flexible working hours make workers happy   31 March, 2015
Most parents can't tell if their kid is obese   30 March, 2015
Aggressive breast cancer 'switch' identified   29 March, 2015
MRI may one day replace biopsy   28 March, 2015
New diet could reduce risk of Alzheimer's   25 March, 2015
After learning new words, brain sees them as pictures   25 March, 2015
Gene therapy to treat erectile dysfunction   25 March, 2015
New gene linked to body shape   24 March, 2015
Modi govt puts brakes on universal health plan   27 March, 2015
Ebola crisis not yet over: Report   24 March, 2015
Policy changes can help reduce obesity   23 March, 2015
Vitamin D can reverse low-grade prostate cancer   23 March, 2015
New TB drugs still out of reach for most   21 March, 2015
Antibiotic resistance linked to corruption   21 March, 2015
Ants' chemical improves cancer drug by 50 times   21 March, 2015
National Medicinal Plants Board set up   20 March, 2015
Toddlers' posture affects memory and learning   19 March, 2015
How the brain learns the way things work   18 March, 2015
High-energy breakfast good for diabetics   17 March, 2015
TV recipes not healthy: Survey   17 March, 2015
Mobile campaign to battle child deaths   17 March, 2015
Govt revisiting 'Jan Aushadhi' scheme to expand reach   17 March, 2015
Parents embarrassing kids on social media: poll   17 March, 2015
Why diesel vehicles are more harmful   16 March, 2015
Exercise protects motor abilities among elderly   16 March, 2015
Flu vaccines get more power   14 March, 2015
5,000 children start using tobacco daily   13 March, 2015
India, US researchers clash over swine flu   13 March, 2015
High cholesterol stops vitamin E from reaching tissues   13 March, 2015
Swine flu turns more dangerous   12 March, 2015
New app designed to overcome jet lag   14 April, 2014
'Liberia one month away from being declared Ebola-free'   14 March, 2015
Lower testosterone good for relationships   12 April, 2014
Nursing home stay may damage your lungs   12 March, 2015
Coconut dust used for germinating stronger seeds   12 April, 2014
Delhi HC orders segregation of healthy, junk items   23 April, 2014
How brain pays attention decoded   12 April, 2014
Movies put viewers' brains on same wavelength   11 April, 2014
Drinking milk may prevent arthritis in women   11 April, 2014
Apple iWatch to sport UV light sensor   09 April, 2014
Could mobile phones cause impotence?   08 April, 2014
Tobacco plant kills cancer cells?   07 April, 2014
Soon, blood test to identify the type of cancer   07 April, 2014
Small steps against vector-borne diseases   05 April, 2014
Vaccination alters your body odour   03 April, 2014
Drinking coffee cuts mortality risk from liver cirrhosis   03 April, 2014
Marriage is healthy for the heart: Study   29 March, 2014
Exercise prevents heart diseases: Study   29 March, 2014
New online tool calculates heart's age   27 March, 2014
Do intelligent people trust others more?   21 March, 2014
WHO to certify SE Asia as polio free   22 March, 2014
Dark chocolate's healthy effects from gut bacteria   21 March, 2014
Sleep loss means loss of brain cells   19 March, 2014
Build muscles for a long, healthy life   18 March, 2014
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