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By Swagata Yadavar
The fifth largest killer in the country, air pollution-related diseases have been claiming 6.2 lakh lives every year. From asthma to bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, it is the children and the elderly who are the worst-hit
Red alert   
From donning face masks to installing air filters at home, the people of China are struggling to keep the smog away
Wired to good health   05 April, 2014
The last Subhash Kumar, 32, slept soundly was 10 years ago. He had almost accepted that the fatigue and drowsiness were normal, just like the snoring that interrupted his sleep.But a trip to treat a seemingly unrelated issue changed everything. Kumar’s sleep apnoea was diagnosed when he went to see his ENT specialist for a prolonged ear infection. For the narrowed nasal passage, the doctor...
4,000 @ risk today   03 March, 2014
That is the number of Indians who will get hit today. Once considered an old man's disease, stroke is increasing among the young and middle-aged. Here are seven things you should know about stroke
Hope, in doses   03 March, 2014
They say that lights of this laboratory have never been switched off in the last 22 years¯since the time the institute decided to work on finding a cheaper alternative to tPA (Tissue Plasminogen Activator). A single shot of this exorbitantly expensive drug can save lives of patients of an ischemic attack. The pungent smell of acetic acid fills the lab on the first floor of the Institute of...
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Kindest cuts   05 August, 2013
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Ready, steady, ACCELERATE   28 May, 2013
My Best Friend   07 May, 2013
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Hormones make the world go round   12 December, 2012
I vs I   12 December, 2012
Born this way   12 December, 2012
Come, indulge   30 October, 2012
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Watch and ward off   19 September, 2012
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