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Courage, says the dictionary, makes one confront extreme danger and difficulty without retreating. That requires a certain amount of foolhardiness. At THE WEEK, we believe that there is a method in the madness called courage. It is what made us go after India's own secret torture chambers, when the whole world was discussing Guantanamo Bay, and the hideous torture methods employed by the Americans in the prison they had built on Cuban soil. Our police and security forces were no better, as we realised while chasing the story.

THE WEEK's cover on the secret prisons evoked nationwide umbrage, became a topic of discussion in Parliament and resulted in a departmental investigation. We won international recognition for the project when it was selected to the final of the Daniel Pearl award, the Oscar of investigative journalism, along with our own cover story on the secret rendition programme of Indian intelligence agencies.
We are willing to travel that hazardous mile and bring out the truth because we value your right to accurate information. We would also like to hear what you have to say about such stories and invite you to share your experience with us.  

Celebrate the Courage to Go Beyond with THE WEEK.

Coasting along
By Lakshmi Subramanian Photo:Bhanu Prakash Chandra
Ten years after the tsunami in the Indian Ocean, coastal Tamil Nadu has undergone a sea change. Infrastructure and livelihoods have improved, and communities have been empowered. The wounds inflicted by the disaster, however, have not yet healed
Business ace, gangsta ways
Former Chhota Rajan ally Santosh Shetty is likely to walk out of jail soon. Here is a look at the drug dealer-turned-mafioso
Heartbreak corner
In June, Shivlal of Uttar Pradesh sold off all his property in Palpur village and boarded a train to Mumbai from Kanpur. Shivlal was in search of better treatment for his son Mahinder, 16, who has cancer in the knee.For the past five months, father and son have been living in a shack on the footpath in front of the Tata Memorial Centre in Mumbai. The TMC, one of the best cancer care centres in...
Water whirled
Her hand was trembling. I can still feel it in mine. I do not know her name, nor her age. There was no conversation. All I could do was hold the frail, old woman’s hand. She had just been pulled into the boat from muddy, neck-deep water. Water that was raging down the hills to merge with the Brahmaputra.No one spoke much on that boat, an olive green one the Air Force had given to the local...
Trial and the error
“... I would be the last man to offer defence. I had only one idea before me throughout the trial, i.e., to show complete indifference towards the trial in spite of the serious nature of the charges against us. I have always been of the opinion that all political workers should be indifferent and should never bother with the legal fight in the law courts…”From Bhagat...
AIIMS is sick
Bribes for treating patients, spurious drugs, financial irregularities, corrupt officials... the list of ailments plaguing India's premier medical institute is long
Maa, mati... money
Maa, mati, manush was Mamata's clarion call as she trounced the Left Front in West Bengal in 2011. Now she finds herself in a bind as former colleagues turn against her in the Saradha scam
Veerappan: Dead for a decade, he still rules
By the Bhai
Ghosts who sign
Bruised, but not broken
Home Alone
The muck stops here?
Linkin' bark
Cobra loses bite
Doctor Fix-it
Dawn of new dons
Royal mess
'Lab'orious process
'Volt'e face
Into thin air
Death of liberty
Harbingers of death
Dhule’s highwayman
Discourses in the desert
Stories of fortitude
Peace and its price
Survivors struggle
No country for men
Babies for sale
Living in hell
Disaster waiting to happen in Maharashtra
India's bookie kings
The nasty and the northeast
Dry rot
Ticking minefield
An informer's confession
External affair
Goan mining scam
Bodo riots: Victims speak
Dams and damning facts
Medical rip-off
No rain nor shine
Gift warped!
It’s show time
What in Goddess’s name!
Damned lives and statistics
Inside the Ulfa camp
Rhino poaching
Koodankulam: Dollarisation of dissent
freewheeling  |  Derek O'Brien
The Big Apple's barometer
My wife lives in New York, and, over the years, I have got to know the city well. It is a useful barometer to judge the health of the world and of the American mood and economy. A visit in the winter of 2008-09, ...  »
grand slam  |  Sania Mirza
Serving aces, nonstop
Roger Federer was born to play tennis and I am delighted that the people of my country got the opportunity to watch him live for the first time ever. I am grateful that I shared the court with him and there is so ...  »