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Courage, says the dictionary, makes one confront extreme danger and difficulty without retreating. That requires a certain amount of foolhardiness. At THE WEEK, we believe that there is a method in the madness called courage. It is what made us go after India's own secret torture chambers, when the whole world was discussing Guantanamo Bay, and the hideous torture methods employed by the Americans in the prison they had built on Cuban soil. Our police and security forces were no better, as we realised while chasing the story.

THE WEEK's cover on the secret prisons evoked nationwide umbrage, became a topic of discussion in Parliament and resulted in a departmental investigation. We won international recognition for the project when it was selected to the final of the Daniel Pearl award, the Oscar of investigative journalism, along with our own cover story on the secret rendition programme of Indian intelligence agencies.
We are willing to travel that hazardous mile and bring out the truth because we value your right to accurate information. We would also like to hear what you have to say about such stories and invite you to share your experience with us.  

Celebrate the Courage to Go Beyond with THE WEEK.

Ghosts who sign
By Deepak Tiwari
Corporate giants and local administration forge signatures of dead villagers to get sanction for power projects
Bruised, but not broken
The machete shattered her skull. Bone fragments flew into her brain, leaving her partially paralysed. And then, her mind fought back. The story of Jyothi Udaya, who was assaulted inside an ATM booth in Bengaluru
Home Alone
It is a weekly ritual for Kashmiri Pandits living in Delhi. Every Sunday, they assemble at Swami Lakshmanjoo ashram at Sarita Vihar in South Delhi. Men and women, both young and old, and children sit in the hall and sing Shaivite hymns. A similar gathering is held in Jammu and Mumbai. Swami Lakshmanjoo, who died in 1991, was considered an authority on Shaivite philosophy. Shaivism is at the...
The muck stops here?
The action has begun. With an “element of intensity”, in Finance Minister Arun Jaitley's words. In fact, the Narendra Modi government’s first decision—on its first day—was to set up a high-profile special investigation team to unearth black money. Since its inception, the SIT, headed by former Supreme Court judge  M.B. Shah, has met twice in North Block. The...
Linkin' bark
A lift irrigation project in Madhya Pradesh is being hyped as India's first river-linking project. Simply put, the Narmada-Kshipra linking project is one big hoax
Cobra loses bite
Friday, September 12, 2008. The Union home ministry approves a proposal to set up a new commando force to fight Naxals. The plan is to recruit and train some 10,000 personnel into an elite force that could infiltrate Maoist territories in small groups. Home minister P. Chidambaram handpicks K. Durga Prasad, the man credited with the success of the Greyhounds, the commando force that crushed...
Doctor Fix-it
Javed Chutani has been rigging cricket matches for years. Investigators, however, cannot get a fix on him. Meet the most powerful man in the D-Company you have never heard of
Dawn of new dons
Royal mess
'Lab'orious process
'Volt'e face
Into thin air
Death of liberty
Harbingers of death
Dhule’s highwayman
Discourses in the desert
Stories of fortitude
Peace and its price
Survivors struggle
No country for men
Babies for sale
Living in hell
Disaster waiting to happen in Maharashtra
India's bookie kings
The nasty and the northeast
Dry rot
Ticking minefield
An informer's confession
External affair
Goan mining scam
Bodo riots: Victims speak
Dams and damning facts
Medical rip-off
No rain nor shine
Gift warped!
It’s show time
What in Goddess’s name!
Damned lives and statistics
Inside the Ulfa camp
Rhino poaching
Koodankulam: Dollarisation of dissent
freewheeling  |  Derek O'Brien
Let's be fair on fare
In the 1890s, my mother’s grandfather joined the Bengal Nagpur Railway. For my family, this began a four-generation association with the railways. He rose to become an assistant engineer, working in the area ...  »
grand slam  |  Sania Mirza
Quietly brilliant
It is unfortunate that one of India’s finest tennis players has played the last professional match of his career and is yet to be accorded the kind of hero’s farewell, which he so richly deserves, by ...  »