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Power play.
By Mandira Nayar/Yangon
The Asia Plaza stands tall in the chaotic Downtown Yangon. The hotel divides the city into two—bustling Burma and modern Myanmar. This is the venue of the India Education Fair 2015. Indian universities camp in the cramped convention hall in an effort to woo students. It is a bright Saturday—a day after the display of military might on Army Day—and the response is slow.The pace,...
Shooting Greenpeace   
Narendra Modi considers NGOs as little more than service providers in the social sector. As Gujarat chief minister, he did not take kindly to organisations that stood between him and his development projects. As prime minister, his attitude towards NGOs has not changed, apparently.The Modi government has been trying to clamp down on the India unit of Greenpeace, an environmental organisation that...
Back with a pang   
On the morning of April 16, there was heightened activity outside 12 Tughlak Lane, the official residence of Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi. Scores of TV crew had been stationed at the spot right from the previous night—all eagerly awaiting the return of the Congress heir apparent. And, finally, they got something to relay when they spotted his mother, party president Sonia Gandhi,...
Saudi tightens security amid terror threats   20 April, 2015
Riyadh: Saudi Arabia has tightened security amid terror threats mainly to the capital city of Riyadh, state-run media reported on Monday.According to the Arabic daily Al-Hayat, the heightened security measures cover markets, commercial malls and oil establishments in Riyadh, Xinhua news agency reported.The interior ministry has received information about an attack targeting a market in Riyadh or...
Verdict date in Salman's case tomorrow   20 April, 2015
Mumbai: A Mumbai court will announce on Tuesday the date of the verdict in the Salman Khan accident case of 2002 after the prosecution and defence completed their final arguments here on Monday.On the concluding day of his final arguments, defence counsel Shrikant Shivade argued that the evidence of the actor's former police bodyguard, Ravindra Patil, should not be accepted because he died...
Bhushan slams leaders, questions disciplinary action   20 April, 2015
For our eyes only   18 April, 2015
Bug bite   18 April, 2015
'Nehru should be stripped of Bharat Ratna'   20 April, 2015
Jet's set   18 April, 2015
'My speech was good, but got no response'   20 April, 2015
Modi's next 'Mann ki Baat' on April 26   20 April, 2015
Yechury vows to strengthen CPI(M)   19 April, 2015
Australia: 5 held for alleged terror plot   18 April, 2015
Over 25,000 flee military operations in Iraq   18 April, 2015
Kisan rally not comeback platform for Rahul: Congress   17 April, 2015
Look forward to a productive parliament session: Modi   20 April, 2015
Rahul Gandhi attacks Modi over land bill   20 April, 2015
Chinese president arrives in Islamabad   20 April, 2015
'India being watched for its contribution'   20 April, 2015
Land ordinance tabled in Lok Sabha   20 April, 2015
700 migrants believed drowned off Sicily coast   20 April, 2015
Lok Sabha disrupted over Giriraj Singh's remark   20 April, 2015
IS video shows killing of Ethiopian Christians   20 April, 2015
Rahul to meet farmers tomorrow   17 April, 2015
PM 'salutes' Singh, slams media for ignoring 'good work'   19 April, 2015
Rahul Gandhi uttered 'white lie': Prasad   19 April, 2015
Sitaram Yechury: Suave, soft-spoken, dynamic   19 April, 2015
14 killed in fierce fighting in Tripoli   18 April, 2015
Suicide blast kills 33, injures over 100   18 April, 2015
PM heads home after three-nation tour   17 April, 2015
India successfully test fires Agni-III   16 April, 2015
PM returns home after three-nation tour   18 April, 2015
Police add sedition charge to Masrat Alam's arrest   18 April, 2015
AAP issues show-cause notices to rebels   18 April, 2015
Rahul meets farmers ahead of rally   18 April, 2015
Back in the saddle, Rahul to meet farmers today   18 April, 2015
Khajuraho sculpture to be back in India from Canada   16 April, 2015
India, Canada ties get 'new vigour, new steps'   16 April, 2015
'Superfast RTO official checked Salman's vehicle in 20 minutes'   17 April, 2015
Journalist jailed for 7 years for 'leaking state secrets'   17 April, 2015
Salman Khan directed to appear before court on April 23   17 April, 2015
Khaki, not rakhi   11 April, 2015
Modi visits gurdwara in Vancouver   17 April, 2015
Geelani, Masrat put under house arrest in Srinagar   17 April, 2015
Modi's life story reflects India's potential: Obama   16 April, 2015
Five-time Nepal PM Surya Bahadur Thapa dead   16 April, 2015
Helicopter lands on US Capitol grounds   16 April, 2015
Delayed and denied   11 April, 2015
Police probe 'contract' to kill RBI governor   16 April, 2015
Overdrive!   11 April, 2015
Papa's in prison   11 April, 2015
Rahul Gandhi returns from sabbatical   16 April, 2015
India's Parrot Lady to fly back home from Canada   16 April, 2015
Up close and personal   16 April, 2015
India test fires 3,000 km range n-missile   16 April, 2015
Australia chases India trade deal as China slows   16 April, 2015
Convict urges HC to prosecute documentary maker   16 April, 2015
Lakhvi's release challenged in Pakistan Supreme Court   14 April, 2015
AAP rebels' convention underway   14 April, 2015
Savage fire   11 April, 2015
In Yew we trust   14 April, 2015
Six against saffron   11 April, 2015
Modi, Kejriwal among 100 most influential people   14 April, 2015
Obama not ready to endorse Hillary Clinton   14 April, 2015
Perfect save   11 April, 2015
Mind the gap   06 April, 2015
Ex-Chechen policeman among 2 charged for Nemtsov killing   09 March, 2015
The minister is not at home   06 April, 2015
Decision to ban documentary has backfired: US group   07 March, 2015
Heir raid   06 April, 2015
Wickremesinghe justifies shooting of Indian fishermen   07 March, 2015
Militants kill five in attack on restaurant in Mali capital   07 March, 2015
Internal combustion   06 April, 2015
Airlines introduce two-person cockpit rule after Alps crash   27 March, 2015
SC to hear Manmohan Singh's plea on April 1   27 March, 2015
Co-pilot deliberately crashed plane: Officials   26 March, 2015
CBI files closure report in case against Tytler   25 March, 2015
Air strikes kill militants allied with Pak Taliban   25 March, 2015
'DD, AIR archives should be made available'   25 March, 2015
Iran condemns Saudi strikes in Yemen   26 March, 2015
Pilot locked out of cockpit before Germanwings crash: Report   26 March, 2015
Saudi Arabia launches strike in Yemen   26 March, 2015
MP Governor's son found dead   25 March, 2015
Yemen prez flees home as rebels advance   25 March, 2015
IS claims responsibility for Libya bomb attacks   25 March, 2015
Naval plane crash: One rescued, two missing   25 March, 2015
Curiosity rover detects life-supporting nitrogen on Mars   25 March, 2015
'Sending V.K. Singh to Pakistan Day 'calibrated decision''   25 March, 2015
Order bringing AGI's office under RTI stayed   25 March, 2015
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