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India's inevitable rise to the top
India's meteoric rise to global prominence is inevitable. Perhaps, US President Barack Obama, writing in Time Magazine on April 16, puts India's and Prime Minister Narendra Modi's rise to prominence best: "Today, he's the leader of the world's largest democracy, and his life story - from poverty to prime minister - reflects the dynamism and potential of India's...
Kerala to promote tourist hotspots through movies   24 April, 2015
Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala government has invited film industries across India under its "Visit Kerala" campaign to shoot in the state so that it can promote the state's picturesque tourist hotspots through movies."With this collaborative initiative, Kerala Tourism can tap maximum potential out of film tourism by using the Indian film industry," Kerala Tourism Minister...
Jaitley moves goods, services tax bill for debate   24 April, 2015
New Delhi:  Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Friday moved a bill for debate and passage to amend the constitution and allow a single goods and services tax regime for the cuntry that will subsume all central and state levies and create a single Indian market.The Constitution (122nd Amendment) Bill, 2014, was placed before the Lok Sabha, the lower house of parliamment for consideration and...
Govt allows investing 5% of EPFO corpus in stock market   24 April, 2015
New Delhi: Government has allowed retirement fund body EPFO to invest 5 per cent of its corpus in exchange traded funds which will result into an inflow of around Rs 5,000 crore into the stock markets during this fiscal. Labour Ministry has notified new investment pattern for the Employees' Provident Fund Organisation which allows the body to invest 5 per cent of its funds into ETFs. "We...
US charity Ford Foundation on security watchlist   25 April, 2015
India has put the US-based Ford Foundation, one of the world's largest charitable funds, onto a security watchlist as it probes its funding of a local organisation run by a prominent activist and critic of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.India's home affairs ministry said it would "keep watch on all the activities" funded by the Ford Foundation and instructed the central bank to...
What makes YouTube so popular   23 April, 2015
'No new cases'   23 April, 2015
Operators summoned over call drops, excess billing   26 April, 2015
'Global slowdown impacted India's exports in 2014-15'   26 April, 2015
BSNL to allow unlimited free calling at night   23 April, 2015
Maharashtra to come up with 'Overpricing Act'   23 April, 2015
A must for free speech   18 April, 2015
Court dismisses Satyam case convicts' appeal   20 April, 2015
Tamil Nadu cancels land allocation to Coca Cola   21 April, 2015
Prick that trial balloon   18 April, 2015
Biocon files IPO prospectus for R&D arm Syngene   23 April, 2015
World Bank programme to focus on air quality in India   21 April, 2015
Sensex down nearly 180 points   20 April, 2015
Rupee hits 3 1/2-month low, stock slide   21 April, 2015
Govt trying to give away internet space to corporates: Rahul   22 April, 2015
Property market to improve by Mar 2016: Fitch   20 April, 2015
Net neutrality in India still a myth   19 April, 2015
SBI commits itself to financial inclusion   18 April, 2015
India to grow at 7.5 pc in 2015: Moody's   17 April, 2015
'Global information exchange must to curb black money'   20 April, 2015
Modi courts Canada banks, insurers, pension funds   17 April, 2015
Modi's coal turnaround to ease chronic power cuts   16 April, 2015
Boardroom on wheels   11 April, 2015
BMW reveals wearable device for MINI drivers   14 April, 2015
TCS heads towards biggest fall in over three months   17 April, 2015
Lending firms cut home loan rates   14 April, 2015
Modi vows to 'clean up mess' in India   16 April, 2015
Flipkart walks away from Airtel Zero platform   14 April, 2015
Net neutrality row grows louder, hit   16 April, 2015
Regulatory puzzle   11 April, 2015
Common thread   11 April, 2015
Let workers have quality family time   14 April, 2015
Strong attachment   11 April, 2015
March consumer price inflation eases to 3-month low   14 April, 2015
Indian economic reforms on right track: US   14 April, 2015
Indian growth engine re-energised: Modi   13 April, 2015
Modi woos German investors with stable tax regime   13 April, 2015
China to blacklist its unruly tourists   11 April, 2015
India's GDP growth rate to reach 8 pc by 2017: WB   14 April, 2015
RBI warns public against 'balance checking' app   11 April, 2015
'Satyam verdict will act as deterrent'   10 April, 2015
Modi praises small businesses   09 April, 2015
Saudi keen to participate in Make in India   08 April, 2015
Semi hi-speed EMUs set to zoom past bullet train plans   08 April, 2015
Money Order goes the telegram way   05 April, 2015
Govt instituting rational framework for land acquisition: Modi   13 April, 2015
Islamabad shops to close early to save energy   09 April, 2015
SBI to soon disburse loans in 10 days   03 April, 2015
RBI unlikely to change repo rate   02 April, 2015
Railways give shine to ties as Modi set to visit China   06 April, 2015
Facebook out to woo Chinese firms   31 March, 2015
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