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Riding the wave
After the success of Ship of Theseus, director Anand Gandhi's second film will be grander both in terms of budget and vision
Memory charm
In his last years, Khushwant Singh had become a homebody, his house an extension of his quirky personality. Six months after his death, all that remains at home is a trace of his time
The everyday man
Innocence lost
Film: Njan Steve Lopez (I am Steve Lopez)Language: MalayalamDirector: Rajeev RaviCast: Farhaan Faasil, Ahana Krishna, Alancier, Anil NedumangadRating: 4/5"We sent him to college to study," says Steve Lopez's mother. Being wife to an influential high-ranking police officer, she understands the gravity of the situation her son, a young and carefree college student, is in. What had...
High-flying pride
There is no better way of industrialising the villages of India than the spinning wheel....
Age of irreverence
The GenNext has adopted a 'I don't care' attitude to move away from tradition and carve out their own unique destiny
Life to Lights, Camera, Action!
A boxer, a serial killer, a singer, a politician.... Bollywood is going off the reels for inspiration and is taking a peek into the lives of famous and infamous people
Short films set for comeback with mentored film fests
This Independence Day seems to be a great time for short film makers in this part of the world. Shorts, as they are referred to, were earlier brushed aside and had to fight their way alongside features for both funds and exhibition space. The internet sure has given them ample space to showcase their films, but it is not the same as watching your film roll out on the big screen, say filmmakers.To...
Actor Robin Williams dead from suspected suicide
California: Robin Williams, the versatile actor whose madcap comic style made him one of television and film's biggest stars, was found dead on Monday from an apparent suicide at his home in Northern California. He was 63.Williams' appeal stretched across generations and genres, from family fare as the voice of Disney's blue Genie in "Aladdin" to his portrayal of a fatherly...
My father is capable of handling the world by himself
Manmohan Singh has probably been India’s most private public figure. His reticence has been perceived as reluctance and his silence as complicity in the corruption scams that dogged his government. Strictly Personal-Manmohan and Gursharan by his daughter Daman Singh brings to light the side of the Singhs that has resolutely remained out of the limelight. In a year of memoirs that grab...
Google dedicates special doodle to Kishore Kumar
Mumbai: Google today paid a tribute to legendary singer-actor Kishore Kumar on his 85th birth anniversary by dedicating a special doodle to him. The doodle shows the late music icon's sketch replacing the L of 'GOOGLE' and borders with drawings of masks, pen and paper, camera and symbol of music, depicting his versatility as an artiste.His songs like 'Roop Tera Mastana',...
Open conversations
Getting Started2009It is around half past six in the morning. We are reading the newspapers as we wait for tea. My father tosses down The Times of India and picks up The Statesman. My mother sighs. I know she expects me to rescue The Times and fold it neatly. Any other day, I can pretend not to know this. But not today.As he scans the headlines of The Pioneer, my father asks me what I am doing...
Gloves and loves
Hammering breaks the silence of the humid evening; construction is on inside the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi. It is late afternoon, and the rain is playing hide-and-seek. Look skywards, and the overcast sky thumbs its nose at you.A couple of handsome SUVs are parked outside the hostel in the stadium complex. The shiny white Ford Endeavour is boxer Vijender Singh's baby. “I love...
Lessons on living
What do you find in the pits of despair? Well, what AVIS aka Anand Viswanathan found in despair was tons of inspiration, courage, trust, a grasp of the true meaning of life and comprehension of his own calling in life. Over the years, Viswanathan has been jotting down these lessons so as to pass them on to his two children some day. Now, he passes on these lessons on living to us, through his...
Candy-flavoured history
Reading Decisive Battles, Strategic Leaders is a bit like sitting in a sports car accelerating through battlegrounds and war spots of the past. Along the sidewalks are various statesmen, entrepreneurs and war commanders. Instead of sailing past the red lights and stop signs, pause and contemplate what these prophets of war have to tell us, says Alexander. The underlying premise of the book is...
Fans shocked, say plot is unacceptable
Twist and pun
This is an unusual book: a novella with the barest story line and no central character, structured as a series of episodes revolving around a college faculty. Its central plot has an element of suspense—who will succeed the principal, “the old bandicoot”, who is retiring shortly.A dozen or so characters figure in the narrative, the leading principal-aspirants among them. A few...
Sunshine story
Life’s lessons
An L-shaped block, with corrugated zinc sheets for walls and roof, made up the classrooms. A few metres away, an old house formed the main building, with the library on the first floor and a music room on the ground. In the corner was her office—not more than 8x8ft. The courtyard doubled as playground and assembly hall. It resonated with sounds of students—singing, dancing and...
An authentic voice
Lasting Impressions
The caricatures on display make you laugh; they make you think and they also take you back in history. And, that is something very few cartoonists can take pride in. K. Shankar Pillai, popularly known as Shankar, is definitely one of them. Shankar, born in the Illikkalam family of Krishnapuram, had spent his childhood in Kayamkulam, Kerala, before shifting to Delhi. Set up as a tribute to the...
The Mexican touch
Uninhibited, from the wheelchair
Rajarshi Basu would rather talk about Ludo, his first film, and his love for horror-fantasy than about his accident
Green chic
A true-blue Goan at heart, chef Joshua D'Souza recalls the many times he made fun of his vegetarian friends as they went out to dine. Today, when he breaks his head over whether beetroot goes better with rice or cottage cheese, he thinks it is the curse of his once hapless vegetarian friends. While running a one-of-its-kind culinary experiential studio, Silverspoon Gourmet at Lower Parel in...
Threadbare to tapestry
It lies in folds in a corner of the house. Or, soaking up the sun, draped on a wall or the balcony railing. Or, as a roof to the homeless. It is warmth on cold nights, or comfort in dark days. Some know it as razai, some as koudi, the quintessential quilt—threadbare yet thick, old yet intrinsic. But why write 380 pages on something as commonplace as the quilt? As author and photographer...
Pancholis file Rs 100-cr libel suit against Jiah's mom
Dilip Kumar's home made national heritage
Shahrukh Khan conferred with top French award
Fitting tribute to Bimal Roy
Author Gordimer dies
Zohra Sehgal dies at 102
Fact versus fiction
A quest for identity
Crash course
Missing the mark
Chinese thriller
Lights Out: A path of hope
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