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Mahatma Gandhi has been safely locked up in portraits, currency, stamps and rhetoric. In these times of ethical crisis, perhaps we should unleash him
On the right path: At a recent event titled 'Walk for Peace' in Kolkata, 450 underprivileged children dressed up as Gandhi in an attempt to set a world record. Photo by Salil Bera
Let's join forces
On the 65th anniversary of Gandhiji's assassination, many thoughts come to my mind. Among them are the complex maze of his ideas, the interpretations of his life, philosophy and writings, and, of course, some issues that plague humankind today. Despite the profound legacy of Swaraj, Satyagraha, Swadeshi and Sarvodaya, which has been continued through the lives of leaders such as Martin Luther...
Cherry-picking from Gandhi
When you look at Gandhi and think of what would have happened if he was alive, it becomes a totally different issue. If Gandhi was alive, there would have been two things. One is that he would have seen the emergence of Bangladesh, which now becomes a secular country. He, of course, died at the height of a Hindu-Muslim separatist identity. Within four or five years, the Bengalis started agitating...
Means and the end
Sociological facts often create problems that a society does not fully confront. For example, everyone talks about the demographic dividend as a new identity kit for India. While other societies are ageing, we are proud that the majority of our population is under 25 years. Yet few ask what is the relation between demography and memory. How much of history, civilisation or the legacy of politics...
Gandhi was concerned about copyright
Can Gandhi be collected? And who can collect him? THE WEEK spoke to Peter Ruhe, a German collector who owns the copyright of Gandhi’s pictures by Kanu Gandhi, to find out. Excerpts:What got you interested in Gandhi?For people outside India, it was difficult to get a realistic picture of Gandhi, and the material available for publication and research was limited. I found exhibitions an...
Legless economics
Ladies and a gentleman 

The Lower House treasure
Modi raided, Mahatma faded
The youth wants more Godses
A legacy of hatred
Shades of fatherhood
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