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Ebola virus toll nearly 8,800: WHO
Geneva: The number of people killed by the Ebola virus disease has reached 8,795, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has said.A total of 22,057 cases of the Ebola virus disease have been reported, WHO said in a statement.In line with statistics, the maximum number of Ebola-related deaths has been registered in Liberia. There have been a total of 3,686 cumulative deaths and 8,622 cumulative cases...
Men with bigger bellies last longer in sex
Novel device that lowers high BP
Exercise boosts brain health in adults
Taming the crab.
Lisa Ray is many things—model, actor, TV host and “cancer graduate”. She opens up about the years that led up to her battle with cancer and how she survived and healed
Bolt from the blue
Yes, we care.
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Preventive treatment
Most women with early-stage breast cancer receive longer courses of radiation even though shorter radiation...
Net effect
Fatal fat.
Spare the rod
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Health News
Drinking ups stroke risk more than BP, diabetes
London: More than two drinks a day in middle-age may raise your stroke risk more than traditional factors...
Ebola virus toll nearly 8,800: WHO
Human stem cells generate new hair in lab
Daily drinking ups risk of alcoholic cirrhosis
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Ask Expert
Nutrition Oncology Sexology
Meeta Lall
Let out a burpee
An exercise that saves space and time, burpee offers cardiovascular and muscle training at the same time
Trick & treat
Key to recovery
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Dr Ranjana Srivastava
Scars of childhood cancer
Guest Talk
Vikas Tandon
Pain in the necK
Communication skills a must
Life can be a roller-coaster ride for an anaesthesiologist. Apart from the emotional strain of conducting...
A confident smile is the best reward
No scope for error
Audiologist crucial in modern lifestyle
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Yoga Made Easy
Ageing gracefully
Gravity is an enemy of graceful ageing. Simple and common activities like sitting and standing may become...
Upper back bend
For stronger support
Back to back
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chef's choice  |  Hemant Oberoi
Frying the pan
They say pen is mightier than the sword, and, in most cases, it sure is true. Food critics across the globe have become extremely influential and have the capability to make or break the future of a restaurant. ...  »
freewheeling  |  Derek O'Brien
House games
While in school, my sport of choice was football. I was a goalkeeper of some reckoning in local and club-level tournaments. The only reason I made it to the school cricket team (as wicket keeper) was that my friend ...  »